We Do It For Fun Pt.3 Lyrics

Tha Joker

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Lyrics to We Do It For Fun Pt.3
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My flows authentic they don't listen to knock off
Juss the otha day big block took joc off flavor said
Fuck it and took his clock off same day hova lost
It cut tha roc off now this is will be tha same day that I take
A L and later on that night it was a blizzard in hell

It goes maybe, hopefully, probably, possibly NO you been looking
For the best name got me greatness is here you should already
Know that I have a sick flow like my car re had a cold I started
Out losing but now I'm winning scarface life was a alternate ending
Beat the track up straight reck on the freestyle beat the pussy
Up and keep vet's on my speed dial she might not do you but
She'll do me cause I always get service like AT&T and I park any
Where I feel cause you can't boot 28 inch wheels motherfucker
I role through ya hood tech knockin off shingles real unexpected
Like snoops dogg's single people will die if I get disrespected fuck
So many pussies up that I'm scard to get tested millionairefans #1 on
The checklist I knew him back them well you should have invested
Chopped, semi, cock it, blast it can you even if I say the same thing
On you bastards I promise she will do anythang that I ask her niming
Her vocab down to harder and faster you're my baby glad that I found
You cause dick sucking is the quality that I value arts and crafts nigga
Bend her down and fold her and ya baby momma strung like a damn stroller
Smokin on a blunt 45' on my waist I'm the on reason hood niggas on myspace
Don't worry bout baby I am not rookie straight chinese I ain't scared to eat
Pussy and I bout to re apply my last line now so you rappers betta run cause
My stomach just growled

I am a army but you can't join me dolla bill nigga so you can't coin me love em
And leave em ya'll still catchin feelin feelings I got that all money I'm still count shillings
Superhero flo and the beats my villian even if the serus tower money stack to the celling
And still I raise just like a balloon bentley like a pirate ship look at all those dabloons
Potential to blow like a fuckin grenade wake ya neighborhood with clapin like a fuckin
Parade been street ever since the first day and nigga I'm a die in the trap like pray
See I'm just tryin to chill in the hood no annoyence from narko get rich and fuck
R&B hoes like rocko this is genuwin that other shit was foney I am the rock ya'll
Niggaz jabronies you're hot dog but I'm a cronee got all this ice on me where my zambonee
Hoes no m so they always wanna fone me latino's even bouncin even in the should
Of would of toney hear my feet out the window mj got pissed cause I had some j's
On that he didn't kno exist if you tote iron nigga then I'm bussin steamers leave ya whole
Face wet just like noxzeema leave ya whole click wet some thin like a trina but
6 feet deep their be no feema gansta apperance yea I'm about mine it's like new
Cocaine how I keep a freash line sweet tooth hoes wanna get in my denims
M&M jeans keep big nuts in em pull up in a vans bitch stank in deep I blo
Tha doors off yo shit like u came in a jeep and fake ass rappers is about to
Expire puttin worda in songs probably heard off the wire I heard pac and I
Was inspired to run this rap shit till it gets tired
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