We Do It For Fun Part 7 Lyrics

Tha Joker

Why So Serious?

Lyrics to We Do It For Fun Part 7
We Do It For Fun Part 7 Video:
Why so serious? Coldest nigga period
Flow so sick even god couldn't cure it

You niggas kinda soft but I go so hard
My flow is very nasty, like a discharge (EW)

Fruit play the track now it is a homicide
If you are killing shit then my flows is genocide

I'm supa dupa bad but I'm noddin on the child
My money's so old that it's goin outta style

You try to take that, instantly I will hurt you
I got a lot of fans like the back of a church pew

All around the world people know what I'm about
I'm hot like a husband that just caught a cheatin spouse

No food fight but my niggas toke biscuits
Cause these fake niggas be squares like triscuit

And also probably too broke to pay attention
I am hood rich and that is not an opinion

We make big cake but you cannot taste the batter
I'm cold when she suck I hope her teeth don't chatter

Shorty go hard she a shaker and a mova
I'm just tryna get up in her meat like a skewer
Cause the joker cooler,
Weed connoisseur,
30 blunts reefer goin round like a rumor

Run tell that my smoke game trill
Diesel in me like I got a lot of wheels
I got a whole squad that's down to kill
Cause I run shit like a lax-a-tive

Teacher man bitch and good baby make a lesson
Buy her 2 drinks then I get her face pregnant

Now she always try to kick it with me like tekken
My wish is her command like Jeffrey


Nowadays nigga ballin like an espy
Nigga play with me and it gonna be history
Scratch my index cause my trigga finga itchy

She took her clothes off like whatcha gotta say now
I told her go n bust it like a greyhound

Hit her from the back cause I don't like how her face look
Make a bitch talk to a wall like facebook

Saw me in person now she don't know what to do
I get your girl wet and lick my dick go on the crew

I'm playin on my hoes like a mothafuckin xbox
And blowin on trees like the mothafuckin sap hot

The only punctuation I can see is a comma
Freaky nigga like my pussy ball like rihanna

Grind so hard so the hatas be astounded
Snooze, you lose and pussy nigga I'm conscious

In the studio I'm a nerd like screech
But in the parking lot shells like Myrtle Beach

They wonder how I'm doin everything they can't do
But I'm just a sick kid like St. Jude

Ya the Joker back bad man couldn't stop me
Best thing since the T.V. so they watch me
Joker too cold T.V., subscribe me
Watch my videos and you might see your wifey

Hottest unsigned with a whole lotta views
Here's part 7 phenom comin soon
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