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Lyrics to We Carry Caution
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I saw a hat on sale today
Only $3.99
And written on the side it said
?We carry caution, avoiding what we really wanna feel?
Then I felt right
Never knowing what hit me

I feel a hand rest on my back
So I turn around
I see that it's the behemoth
Here to warn me,

?I can't take it,
I don't want to break you.
I create fear,
And destroy what is true.?

I took it to the paying line
And pulled out a five
The cashier stared at me bemused
I asked is there something wrong

?I am not here.
I'm just another illusion,
Waiting to fade,
And you'll surely forget me.?

And then I see the behemoth
Pointing everywhere
?You'll never find her inside here
Shes in the next dream

I can't take it
I don't want to break you
I was sent here
To tell you to wake up?

I don't know how to go on
It's only been 20 years since the last time
I'll never stop even though it's been 20 years
I'll never stop looking for you Victoria
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