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Lyrics to We Can Make It Engl. Trans.
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Unable to look back at the passing days everyday Just how long will I continue to follow this path The rythm you can feel in your body yeah, The beat gets wings yeah, The hesitation becomes the running approach yeah, Precious to the point of pain Ref.1: We can make it true, the real dream s always right beside you An endlessly wide world, the lone one that sparkled My dream, my dream (We can make it! We can make it!) Unable to recognize the important things, overflowing tears in my eyes Just how far ahead will this become a forgotten feeling? What I feeling! With as much as I have yeah, The strength gets wings yeah, I'll overcome th loniless yeah, And plunge forward into tomorrow Ref.2: We can make it true, the unwavering dream is always right here, An endlessly wide world, right this minute I'll take hold of it Your dream, your dream, we can make it! Tears are surerly not the end of sadness (The footprints of the dream) With fevered heart, that story begins Sing that dream 2x: All I'm doing is silently writing out my dream Reading my goals, heading beyond into the directions of my imaginations go go and go, so on and on yeah I said it go go and go, so on and on I said it yoho and go, so on and on Ref. 1+2 Your dream, your dream

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