We Are What We Consume Lyrics

Eric Ayotte

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Lyrics to We Are What We Consume
We Are What We Consume Video:
if you put it off til tomorrow
when dawn is on its way down to meet us
and we'll continue down that same road
and trust that it's still paved
oh I would learn in the lessons of tomorrow
which are the headlines of today
but we are all risk takers
and gambling's in our blood

and alcohol is bittersweet in the end
and nicotine will singe the linens on which we sleep
our beds are made so now we must all get some rest

and we can not just let it go
and I can never sleep no more
this constant cognitive attack
on every sheep before it's counted
cause we can not just let it go

so if you're nonhuman then
you better start running
cause we've come to claim
our god-given dominion
and open your mouth
and swallow that shit
it'll make you grow, grow, grow
bounded legs with stainless chains
and we'll slit your throat, throat, throat

and we are all so out of it
and I feel so fucking powerless
the weights of guilt have struck the bow
with its crest of shame and seismic doubt
cause we are all so powerless
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