Lyrics to We Are But Instruments
We Are But Instruments Video:
March to the end of this line
they will take from you your pride
devoid of dignity and inner light
you will stand broken inside

pull yourself out of this rut
I will breathe life back in your heart
you must stand without your crutch
I will breathe life back in your heart

I can't stand this fiction,
(this temptress is speaking to my fears),
paying with my tears
I have become the charade.

Im only happy when I'm dreaming
I've built this armor, just to mask my face

I know the pain and suffering

for it lives
it lives inside of me

I know not saints but demons
they help release this fever
their fighting just to see my fall

And from these ties that bind us
we must break through these chains

I know I've been here before,
but that walls keep getting higher every time I fall.
I try to bite through these ties

I've tasted blissfulness before
but the floor keeps getting hotter every time I crawl.
Yet tighter they do entwine

I crawl through the earth and scour slums for precious jewels,
but I've lost traction on these shoes
( my heart is screaming out )
can you fix them now?

I'm on my knees crying out to you save me
( all my broken point of views )
I'm on my knees crying out to you save me
( leave me nothing left to lose )

This is the story of a desperate man

My life is forfeit
my life is forfeit
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