Lyrics to We All Run
We All Run Video:
I dreamt I saw the cities burnin' At the gates I saw the Angels cry Now ther'll be no turnin' And still I wonder why I dreamt I felt the band of reason Comin' slowly down it passses me by It's just a killing season Yeah it's a foolish lie We all run. It's a pity for everyone It's all gone. And there's nothin' that can be done We all run. So get ready, the time has come We all run. It's all over, the game is won And I dreamt I took a thousand footsteps To a sea as black & filled with tears Now there'll be no goodness For a thousand years I dreamt I crossed a raging river That was pure & clear & washed away All my troubles wither Into another day The cost is too much In nothing we trust Everythin' we touch Turns into dust...

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