Lyrics to We Ain't Trippin
We Ain't Trippin Video:
(feat. Yung Redd, Pimp Skinny, Kepoe)

S-L-A-B baby, Dougie D
Hollin' at y'all, know I'm saying we ain't tripping
We bout to dose this, me and my family S.L.A.B.

[Hook x2]
We S-L-A-B, and we be flossing and we flipping
On a paper chase for the do', and we ain't tripping
You done lost your mind, if you think you gon catch me slipping
Always on our note, so in and out we gon be dipping

SK, wrecking the game and sitting throwed
Four T.V.'s, in a big wide load
Competition, with the trunk on glow
Read it out, it say Big Mello
Representing, through the parking lot
When I beat the lot, they gotta call the laws
Stop and pause, so it's drop your jaw
Swinging a Lac, finna break the wall
You can't stop us
Showtyme flipping on choppers
I be flipping, on my glass
With leather, under my ass
When I be, stacking my cash
I gotta be on shine mayn
Playing with me, and I bring the pain
S-L-A-B all on my chain, I love it mayn

[Yung Redd]
It's like one for the money, and two is for them hoes
Three is for the drank, four pass me the smoke
You'll never see me riding, in any old Benz
Unless it's jet black, on 20 inch rims
I got more, Air Force than the government
Every color pair I'm stepping out, trust me I'm loving it
I never leave the house, without a single rubber
Plus I crawl like Ringling Brothers, hoes love us
Under the influence, catch me swerving
Balling in a number six, like Julius Irving
My watch and my chain, got me coughing and sneezing
Still a young heathen, as long as I'm breathing
You pay for a show turn it out, then I'm leaving
The whether man told us, it's flossing season
This year I got it made, I'm shining y'all
Even though I got a deal, I'm still grinding y'all
I'm off the block, see me sitting on 20's
A red label Bentley, my tires too skinny
Chain hanging to my nuts, I wear my jersey backwards
And a gun on my waist, just to serve these actors
Catch me and Trae, macking to a dime
Easy to spit a rhyme, niggaz still try to shine
I got a Rolex, I got time on my hands
Still pulling out a grand, I'm the motherfucking man ha

[Dougie D]
Ok, what the deal do kin folk
Playing them games, not a good idea though
S-L-A-B, Dougie D all about the paper stacks
Bitch, I'm no hoe
Constant grinding, hard on a mission
In and out, the click be dipping
Motherfucker, what the laws tal'n bout
Thinking I'm off my note, look here bitch y'all tripping
Mashing gas, and smash on cockroaches
In the midst of a kind, I'm still smoking
Ah come on, don't be so shallow
Fucking around, I'll leave your chest wide open
Bitch made, mark niggaz can't see me
Swallow 'em up, and shut 'em out like feces
Sold do' in a motherfucking mayn
Keep it funky, in the place that we be

[Hook x2]

[Pimp Skinny]
Recognize, bitch this S.L.A.B.
We gon beat up, and down your AVE.
Steady commits, to acting bad
Just like a bat, we'll beat your ass
You haters better, do your math
The lyrical wizard, with a staff
Is ready to split, your shit in half
I love to see these, haters mad
I got to get it, the mill ticket
The S.L.A.B. family, gon make you feel it
Pimp Skinny sho, love to spit it
The G shit, you hoes get it
Whenever when they, wasn't with it
Cause the thug shit, I love to live it
Just doing my thang, bring the pain
Step to the side, while I make the change

Fin to wreck, S-L-A-B
Y'all know me, the one with the screens
Four 18's, and a triple beam
Call me Jada, four skate fader
Bitch like me in a Navigator
That's now or later, I'm here to stay
Me and Trae, in excelerators
The key to the city, like P. Diddy
From here to Philly, I'ma pop a wheely
Like Ruff Ryders, through Nevada
Show my ass, you know I gotta
I'm a cause a, lot of drama
Spinning heads, like Wonder Woman
You hear me coming, from a mile away
Whoa bitch, get out the way
Like Ludacris, 24 karats all on my wrist
I'ma roll out, till I make a hit
Please believe, I'ma damage this dismantle it
When I handle it, Lil' Kepoe fin to go split
None of y'all, gon fuck with this
Cause I spin your head, like Exorcist

[Hook x2]

Love to shine, on the grind to get paid
Clear 'em out on blades, I'm a down South baller
Shot caller, and a block brawler
Swing, when I'm in a platinum Impala
Two more to follow, when I ride the freeway
With lil' J-Dog, pulling out the G way
Bubble eyed up, talking on a three-way
Say Trae, no time for the he-say she-say
2-2, when I'm on my B-Day
Each and every day on the block, will be a P-Day
T-Day'll be the day, you get a relay
Relapse, what I'ma clap with a SK
You got the plex, I'm shut the shit down
Strapped on nuts, swinging on the Grapevine
Showing my ass, when I let my top down
Break a nigga off, when I'm on that four line
Four cars, ahead of ya
Wanna stop my shine, but I ain't letting ya
Better move around, 'fore I'm wetting ya
With a BB vest on my chest, wrecking ya
Checking ya, on the slab on the AVE
Wood grain I grab, in a baby Nav'
Alligator on my toes, it's so throwed
Piece and chain, and on the center fold

[Lil B]
I'm a S-L-A-B representer
With paint dripping, right off my fender
Number one contender, heavy weight winner
Eating tracks, like they bread dinner
Kicking down your do, with a 4-4
Or calico, that'll tag your toe
S.L.A.B. gon go, to the top
Can't get caught slipping, I'ma cock the glock
And when I pop the glock, all hoes gon move
Lil B on note, I done paid my dues
Wanna run with a nigga, better lace your shoes
Cause I be pulling more stunts, than Tom Cruise
When the spit is over, yes I'm colder than North Dakota
S.L.A.B. soldier, already told ya
From the Southside got they mouth wide for a pound of doja
You niggaz know ya, better quit
Playing games, cause we the shit
When I get mad it's wig split, on pen and pad we rocking it
No stopping it, so stop hating
Wide body, we navigating
In mash mode, no procrastination
Being number one, is my destination
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