Lyrics to We A Star
We A Star Video:
Oh mama mi glad you are around Oh fi see yuh bwoy dem calking up the town Oh Papa, mi sorry say yuh gone Shoulda dey yah fi see how yuh bwoy a gwaan Oh Papa, mi sorry say yuh gone Yuh never get fi see yuh bwoy a perform But wi a star from di fus day wi born Oh wi a star from di fus day wi born Suh dem better lef wi mek wi gwaan gwaan gwaan Dem better lef wi mek wi gwaan Verse 1: Mama yuh son a live well Drinking chanpagne wid all Patti LaBelle Living in paradise and not in hell Di way yuh son a get big not even words can tell Well say Papa yuh never get fi witness How yuh son a hot up di world wid music Well I am the doc that come to heal yuh sickness Hol on deh people unno listen wi music Well Papa yuh last son a move hot A drive pretty car an living like a big shot Mi sorry yuh gone but a caan tek yuh back Fi see inna movie yuh bwoy soon guh act So Beenie Man Chorus Verse 2: It is al the same Papa yuh son gone pon di hall of fame A music wi sing an blow di world brain So Merciless yuh dont need to complain Anyway, well well Papa mi wish yuh was here To see yuh bwoy a live like millionaire Mama nuh worry yuhself, I am taking care A fi get whats mine cause I now its there Wi buy Mama house an new car fi steer New errings and pretty clothes all fi wear Papa a bex how yuh not even here But this year wi A find new gear. Verse 3: I dont like the dead, him wi still respect A Isacchar mi tribe an dem call I Moses Him give mi di music sense an di knowledge Now yuh see a wia run di business Although mi father gone Remember yuh bwoy a carry on An mi jus a tek di whole place like storm But about a dozen gal mi waan fi have inna mi arm Chorus Repeat from top

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