Lyrics to We, Myself And I
We, Myself And I Video:
(feat. Time and Jason The Argonaut)

[Extra Kool:]
It's just me and Big Time, sitting pretty sipping,
Kool-aid, pockets on tight, cause my girl had a
School day, ring a ling a ling, the cell phone starts
To speak, I love all the sexy voices, but she's
Only eighteen, rocking gear so sweet, I became a
Diabetic, she had multi-colored hair and a smile
That's electric, feeling ever apathetic, setting
Traps like Eddie Haskel, little shorty's got style
Mr.Kool's a dirty rascal, swim the pound to the
Castle, writing lyrics on the page, taking scissors
To the words, watch me try and get paid, still
A mouth that cascades, watch her ribs spark the
Interest, it's only Extra Kool in script, it only
Hurts if your wicked, offer stands if you wish it,
We're dropping cuts like Sweeney Todd, black and
Gray with wild eyes, stack them up like Lincoln Logs,
Walking naked through the fog, taking Kool-Aid to
The grins, yes even when I'm lost, I've got a lot
Of super friends, but I'll be stuck in my bed for a
Very long time, running visions of her thighs steady
Dancing in my mind, now it's all fun and games,
Until the heart starts to skip, it's just me and
Big Time sharing stories for these kids, it's
Just me and Argonaut sharing stories of these kids,
It's just me and Dirty Lab...

[Hook x2]

It's Big Time and Extra Kool, sipping on V 8's,
I'm tired of being underground, it's full of
Cheap skates, please wait for me when I win the
Sweep steaks, I'll take the veggies, you can have
The beef and cheese steaks, I want to go commercial,
Be rich and famous, but I don't want to dick ride
And kiss anus, Hollywood shameless, everyone's
Fighting with the same fist, but sorry miss, there's
No needles in the veins of Chris, we never blame
Ourselves, we blame the closest witch, they say sing
The Mason's song it will be painless, so do I sell
Out my values for my image, or do I stay unknown with
A wallet that's timid, do I join a rock band, and try
And do both, or do I do heroin, get drunk and do coke,
Do I rhyme about booty, clothes or hoes, or do I
Respect women, and stick with goals, should I make
Bubble gum, candy corn pop music, or just wait for
The arrow from hip hop's Cupid, Dirty Lab's waiting
For hip hop's Cupid...

[Hook x2]

[Jason The Argonaut:]
Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me mirror what
Is wrong, why do all these songs sound the same,
What's the aim of the shooter, if he doesn't
Have mind telepathy, and why do I commute, when
I got all the ability, I understand the reasoning
Of the fire breathing dragon, little bits and
Pieces look between the reach and grab them,
Go ahead and ask them, they don't know shit,
Brain washed by the kicks, since they where
Little kids, and you can make a fetus wall deep
Inside your blood, you can spit a verse, you
Were taught to be a thug, never taught about
Rug, and it gets pulled out, learn the hard
Way about the love, it's all gone now, so we
Bring it all together, posse up a movement,
Sometimes I'm in the club for my own amusement,
Reaching out to the lights, one more song,
I open up my eyes and the people are all gone...

[Hook x2]
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