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A Kingdom Beyond...

Lyrics to Way To Eternity
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Without future, without truly hope in my heart
No escape and no one who takes my hand to help me out
Of this time, where there's no mercy in our minds
Lift me up, and bring me far, far away

Every moment my feets move towards the light I can see
But I can't get a try to reach it, my hand is too short
And it seems to me that eternity flows away and my soul
Is just lost, how can I bring it back to me?

Show me the way to eternity
No longer I have to live in the past
Thunder and lightnings will guide me on my way
To eternity

Many questions, who can give me an answer that is right?
Many feelings fly around in my head, I don't know why
It is hard to understand what is wrong in this time
May it be, theres a place eternally where all is good?

How will it be there, will I live a better kind of life?
Or is it an illusion and all goes on in the same way of life?
The only thing is finding out, only then I can be sure
That my decision was simply the best
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