Way Of The Warrior Lyrics


Two Paths

Lyrics to Way Of The Warrior
Staring into dying flames
Moon as my only guard
It's too late to hesitate
Only the weak suffer in this life

It's the way of the warrior
This path before me
Destined to be the king
Of battlefields

It's the eve of the bloodshed:
Women and mead!
From the skulls of my foes
Tomorrow, I'll drink

I shall honour my blade
With deeds, not with hollow words
Men will kneel when they hear my name
Before I laugh and rip out their wretched hearts

Siell on miehet miekka vyöllä
Urohot sota-aseissa
Humalassa hullut miehet
Pahat paaljo juotuansa

There are warriors with broadswords
Heroes clad in mail of copper
Are on beer intoxicated
By the beer are much embittered
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