Lyrics to Waterdown
Waterdown Video:
How many lessons did you learn from this year? And how many more will it take to make my path straight?

I drive by intentions, waving at the roadside, screaming for attention
Let us in, Let us ride, but I pretend I didn't see them

There's no time for dreaming
Some time for believing
and a lifetime for

Change the curtains and the corners
Change the stories that defined you
Waterdown your memory so much
You find you
Change, change, change

You're not dropping hints to what the future will be
You are holding onto your cards
It's harder to smile

I lost my application
got lost in translation
the date, it's too late for
Recommendations (maybe next year)

Motivate my motivation
So I can move from this stationary state
and Change

Change the layout, change the water
See how honesty refines you
I'm the daughter of a circle on a downhill generation

Change, change, change

So how many lessons will you learn from this year
and how many more will it take?
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