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Lyrics to Water Fun Express
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Torn up and tattered
we fly at mid-staff
So hang us halfway up the highest mast
Wrecked and abandoned
We have lost all hope
All faith was gone as the waves swallowed our boat
All assurance is gone
Our inspiration has run dry

Miles and miles of water
and not a drop could satisfy

I am sorry, for making you think
That I would let you drown
while our boat sinks
I am telling you
No, I am promising
That I won't let you down
Believe in me

We are so much more
than our past
Too afraid to let go
Too brave to loosen our grasp
The wind in our sails
Has been stolen from us
And we're not moving anytime soon
The ocean is haunting, unforgiving at night
So dark and deep
it tries to make it seem
That we will never see tomorrow
We will never see the light of the day

But my friend I must say
The sun also rises
And I will be there by your side
To greet it with open eyes

But not yet broken
Yet not outspoken
Worth more than these shattered bones we carry
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