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Lyrics to Watching You Bleed
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You came into the room and brought with you the light,
that look in your eyes, they were shining so bright
and then you smiled as you walked up to me
and said "Now I know what it's like to be free"

but then I saw the bruises on your arms, your busted lips, that shade under your eye
it couldn't tell a lie, cuz I knew what had happened and who were doing it

it's him - he don't deserve you
you ought to say - "I won't serve you"
he brought you here - he planted a seed
he's standing there - watching you bleed

you're fading away
he's breaking you down
you're crying with shame
there's no one around

you called me one day, said "This time it's gone too far
I'm coming to you", you took the keys to the car
you never came, and I sat by the phone,
then I saw the blue lights flashing by your home

they locked him away for his atrocious crime,
the worth of your life he's repaying in time
but how is that supposed to make everything alright,
all that I wanted was for you to win that last fight

one life - that's not returning
put out - no longer burning
he took you there - in a moment of rage
the wound - gets deeper with age
you can all go ahead and sing her elegy
light up a candle in her memory
can't even start to cope with the tragedy
cuz she's still alive in my fantasy
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