Non-album songs

Intro: Jeeahh! I got my man Kemo right here!! Ahhh,bounce Throw dem bows All y'all muthafuckaz talk to much Verse 1: Just, Follow da leader,ho mie,quality speaks for, Itself,4 ya'all,its healthear,just swallow the beat up, WHATCHALLWANT?,nobody was backin me up, I spit da thruth,Hitlers youth,wanted me in back of the bus, I know it's intimidatin',ya flow was eliminated, da pro,was discriminated,but each and evrey single made it, Top of the charts,dog,dropping da bars,hard, Till I'm killin ya millitant baraber shop talk,y'all must hate it,I just made it, The way u look at me,dammn!!!,u frustated, Fuck haters,come and rate-my-songs, quake the earth,like the A-TOWN-STOMP... Hook: All the haters in the back of the club, Critics tryin' to get rid of my stuff, Whatchallwant?,I ain't fallin off, All of y'all muthafuckaz talk to much Throw dem bows All y'all muthafuckaz talk to much Verse 2: I hate talkin',but I luv rhyming,(jeeeahhh) I never fall off,cause I luv grindin',(jeeeahhh) They foldin labels,(jeeeahhh)no one's able, To hold the weight,exept,me,Mozez,made it,(jeeeahhh) Monstablokaz,fans goin' crazy,(jeeeahhh) Raptillytilly,skillz,so contagios,(jeeeahhh) Broke or famous,(jeeeahhh)I'm focused,baby,(jeeeahhh) Y'all ain't sayin shit,like pokerfaces,(jeeeahhh) Y'all album it's borin'like them golden girls Ur label,froze u,now ur flows's conserved,(jeeeahhh) Big Talk gone,so concerned,(jeeeahhh) Just all Matty and Rappy and shit's gon' work(jeeeahhh)... Outro: Everybody talkin'!! U ain't doin' shit,nuthin!!! I travel the world! Uuuhh!!

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