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Lyrics to Watch Yo Back (Slim Thug Diss)
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I usually don't get into all that, back and forth
Industry shit, but when a nigga push it to the edge
I gotta introduce him to my alter ego
Alphabet murder, nigga

[Hook x2]
If you know what's good, better watch your back
I hope you got it understand, better watch your back
I know you heard about me, don't come around my way
Cause I don't play, nope I don't play

A for asshole, what you starting to act like
Or A for the asshole, your baby mama like the pipe
Nigga T-Bone Terry, even Big Jake fucker
While you was out doing shows, she was being a super dick sucker
B is for your bark, cause you got's no bite
What about the Super Bowl weekend, you got punked yeah right
A nigga knocked ya dizzy, where you couldn't stand up
And if it wasn't for your brother, you probably really got fucked up
C is for the way, that I'm connected in the streets
I'm bout to rap his ass, like a freak in cap capris
I promise this the last time, I'm rapping bout it G
Ain't no mo' back and forth, for me on a c.d.
D is for the dirty ass ways, you got
I'm like them Brent Barry brothers, I don't miss a open shot
And matter of fact, I'll take this battle on gladly
I'm Shaq or Stoudemire, you a black Shawn Bradley nigga

[Hook x2]

E's for E.S.G., that's self explanatory
Every hit you ever had, came from a laboratory
Now F is for the fear, I'm bout to put in his heart
Like mexican do stolen cars, I'm bout to tear that ass apart
G is for the game, I shouldn't have game him for free
Now everything he do at his concerts, he got it from me
All that I don't mean, to start no riot
You know that's my line, young bitch be quiet
H is for the Hogg, that you claim to be
You woulda thought it was real, you saw how it came to me
Now I's for the independent money, I helped you make
But lying to Interscope, was your biggest mistake
Southside magician, watch E.S.G. make
A 6"6' bitch, transform into a cake
And J's for the justice, I never seemed to get
First Lil' Flip, and now this punk ass bitch the murder nigga

[Hook x2]

K is for the kilo's, you claim to cook
Big clumsy ass nigga, don't know how a brick look
Now L, is for them lame ass songs you own
And the cars and ice, European self home
M, is for the money making moves motherfucker
When you see the Dodge Magnum, better move motherfucker
Now N is for the no name, niggaz I made stars
Or when they in the booth, the way I split up them bars
O is for the ostrich skin, in my old school
You had beef with Flip, talking bout what you gon do
Mad cause Flip, had Boss on his shirt
Nigga that shit that's so gay, you need a throwback skirt
Now P is for the pussy ass, nigga be bluffing
He wrote a same play with Flip, what he say nigga nothing
P is for the pussy ass nigga, be bluffing
We wrote a same play with Flip, what he say nigga nothing

[Hook x2]

Q is for the million dollar questimone
Another alphabet murder, I'm coming for that throne
Now R is for the rhymes, helped ya get ya grands up
Braids and Fades to Excursion, to Getcha Hands up
What you help me make up, not a god damn thang
I could sue ya if I want, for half the Boss Hogg name
S is for the way, you tried to stab me in my back
My spine stainless steel, so I ain't feel that
Now T is for the thoed lines, I twist together
When I'm done, then they stitching to hold that ass together
Now U for undisputed, underground underdog
You ain't no fucking boss, you ain't no Outlaw
V is for this second E, I need to get it done
I'm tired of having faggots like Slim, for my son
W for the war, that I done already won
No need for X and Z, catch me on the next one murder nigga

[Hook x2]

Yeah, I ain't never been the type a nigga
To glorify my murder charge, my drug charge
I don't feel like that, I'm tired of this black on black shit
I wanna say stop the violence
But you always, got somebody testing ya
Pushing ya, you know the kinda nigga that bump ya in the club
For no reason and don't say excuse me, ha-ha
But see I'ma let ya live today nigga, now ask yaself why g'eah
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