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Lyrics to Watch Us Burn
Watch Us Burn Video:
It's time to die
Glued to the screen, ambition's grown tired
Mesmerized by gossip in a world expired

Good evening America. Tonight we feature
Anorexic beauty queens
Serial killer documentaries
Million dollar action scenes
Dry humping teenage magazines
Preaching pervert hypocrisy
Prescription drugs. Plastic Surgery
High school drama killing sprees
Arabian-Redneck conspiracies

There's never been a better time to die
Waiting to die. We're waiting to burn
We're begging for it

World torn to pieces, live on tv
In the flames we shall drown
All together we bleed
No time for commercials now
Sit back and burn
Watch us burn

Disease infested third world countries
Celebrity sex tapes, a bald Britney
No music anymore on MTV
The tomb of Christ. the frozen corpse of Disney
The racist entertainers and the oil wars
The Wallstreet snakes. the consuming whores
Cant just pretend to accept this shit anymore
Need to kill ourselves just to find a fucking cure

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Yet The Garden of Eden still full of slaves
Chew it down and swallow
Choke and die
Ashes to ashes we all fall down

Stay the fuck away from me

Let us burn
Hey kids, don't touch that dial
Watch us burn
When we return, you get to play in the fire
Let us burn
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