Lyrics to Wasted On A Memory
I'm not like you and I'll never be
It's just so far beyond you where I am today
A weak beaten man is all I see
Along with your insults that cut into me
Blood wont determine my destiny
Or fear a life filled with regret
I'm so much more than you could ever be
And from me nothing is what you'll get I'll say

I learned my lessons
Without your company
And your son, is what I'll never be

So what are you hiding with your lying?
My life, wasted on a memory

With self doubting and self hating
Along with love you'd never send
Keep your back turned
Watched your bridges burn
We were never family
I should have known by the time bruises faded
You'd be home again
Slaughter my innocence
And watch your ego defend

A lifetime of silence and a mind set for violence
I see redemption coming my way
Bled my last vein and words can't make up for
A childhood thrown away
Neglect and abuse sculpted my world
So lets go back to the start
And you show me what was really in your heart
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