Lyrics to Wasted Love
Wasted Love Video:
Well this potion of inspiration and stimulation it gives me good vibrations/And its pure to store where more knocks me to the floor/conquering pain stop the strain when my brain makes me vain/I'm going insane what can I say/Its got a hold on me/Its got a hold on me/This depressant makes it essant for the treatment i will keep it/Its just the feeling that is healing when I'm bleeding and when I'm sealing/Myself from imagintion and inspiration of stimulation/From this potion that stops the motion in the ocean/In the ocean

I will destroy repition/
of hell on earth
I will stop holding back/
And trigger this emotion of love

What can I say it don't pay to stop the day and drink some of that lemonade/Well it makes me sick real quick when I stick to the brick give me a kick/And I don't know why that I always try to get high everysingle time/It's just the rush with the slush my life is flushed and I don't give a F**k/My head is smooth and my legs are hard my mind is gone and I love it so much/Well this potion of inspiration and stimulation just gives me good vibrations

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