Lyrics to Wasted - Original
Wasted - Original Video:
(Clark, Elliott)

Well I've been lying awake all night
Just thinking of you
But a bottle of whiskey lies heavy obstructing my view
You see a bottle of pills to give me my thrills
And I know that I'm leading a life that kills

I've wasted my time
I'm shooting a line
I'm stuck in a hole
I'm losing control

And I've been meaning to call, I've been wanting to phone ya
???You see I don't like the thought of leaving you here alone
???Well I've seen things down here that are fit for a queen
???I've seen things down here that should never be seen

I've wasted my money
I've wasted you honey
I'm out of my brain
I'm going insane

I'm running in thin air
There's nothingness everywhere

I've gotta get out
I've gotta get out
I've gotta get out

I thought I saw you just the other day
But it couldn't be you 'cos you had nothing to say
'He's going away', they told all my friends
Well now I'll be locked in here til' the misery ends

I've commited no crime
But it just ain't my time
I'm out of my head
I wish I was dead
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