Waste Time Segue Lyrics

The Fire Theft

The Fire Theft

Lyrics to Waste Time Segue
Waste Time Segue Video:
Don't wanna waste time
Is it a matter of mind
Don't wanna lose control
I've gotta say goodbye....

We just couldn't get it right
It was a matter of time
All I wanted was to stay there in your arms
But when the door opened I had to say goodbye... Goodbye

And I knew that it was not our fate
But i waited all those years to hear you say
I always loved you, only you, only you
But I knew that it was just too late

Mine to the end... No
Though I still have dreams of you and I together again
I can't afford to lie
I had to say goodbye... goodbye
We didn't know the future
But we did what was right

(Thanks to Dana for these lyrics)
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