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Black Sun

Lyrics to Waste Of Space
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"I really wanna put you guys album on my label. I totally understand where you're coming from and I would never do anything to hurt your careers. We're gonna spend big money on you guys... big money."

It wasn't meant to be
This thing with you and me
It took a year to figure out how much you lied to me
I never understood
How much you've gone insane
You must have told yourself a thousand time I am to blame
With every single thought with every single word
I disassemble every piece of crap from you I heard
It couldn't hit me at a better time than this
You're at the top of my wanted list

You waste of space
I'll never ever let you live this down
Everyone knows
How worthless your intentions are to me

"I don't understand what happened... I mean I personally deposited the money into your account. It's in there... uhh.. can you check it again? It might take a minute or two to post."

It isn't funny but
I think I have to laugh
That little piece of hope I had inside you tore in half
It isn't broken but
You couldn't fix it now
You couldn't tell the truth if superman would show you how
I'm f--king angry now, but you don't mean enough
Tomorrows yesterday will turn your memory into dust
I like the way that sounds
I like the way it feels
To take away from those who steal

I broke down, fell asleep against my sorrow
No more reasons left to try
You walked in with a reason to rekindle
I thought I could touch the sky
And then you lied
Oh yes you lied
Why did you lie?

"Hey guys... it's uh, me... Um, it looks like, um... our investors are backing out. I know we already put your record out but, but anyway uh, I guess this is it."
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