Lyrics to Wash Off
Wash off
Wash off
Wash off
Wash off
I hope there's a shot in the dark
That if I keep it up I can on going
They say that life is short
And it's can't be bought by the likes of me
I heard that it won't be long
Until we're gone like dew in the morning
Stop the clocks! Pull up your socks!
Go find a fountain to wash it off

So kill the screen, head to Medellin
To shout and scream and find your trouble
Live amongst the orange roses
Pull vogue poses and wash it off
Lord knows I'm in the field, hellbounds are back
And on my heels

They said I died last week
In the Pacific Ocean no words spoken
Plane fell right out the sky
They don't know my 4th of July [?]
Life's a lie so roll the die
Weep or trying and wash it off
Go wash it off, wash it off

Don't you even think of me
Cause I'll be free beyond the Levee
All that's left is a Ghost Machine
And it can't be reached but you can try
You should go buy the boat, build a moat
And untie yourself

Go wash it off
(You're my ride or die, I just wish)
(I'd said goodbye one last time)
(Now all that's left is a ghost machine)
(It can't be reached, it won't be seen again)
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off
Go wash it off