Warning Shots (Dissing D-block,the Game,fat Joe & Cassidy) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

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Lyrics to Warning Shots (Dissing D-block,the Game,fat Joe & Cassidy)
Warning Shots (Dissing D-block,the Game,fat Joe & Cassidy) Video:
[Tony Yayo Talking:]
Yeah its the Talk Of New York Tony Yayo GGGGG G Unit
And I'd like to thank Game cause hes Mr. Potato Head of the year
Put together gangsta, Change Of Heart ass nigga
I'd like to thank Fat Joe for not sellin any records
34,000 this week its such a horrible thing
I'd like to thank Cassidy, no I can't thank Cassidy I'm a wish him luck
Cause I don't him to be in the Supermax with Kool Aid on his lips and high
heel pumps nigga ya'll niggas is pussy man Tony Yayo said it and
FUCK D-BLOCK! ya'll niggas stop coppin pleas man ya'll niggas know
I know you know, I know what you talk about, and DJ Coward you pussy

[Verse: Tony Yayo]
Fat Joe won't sell, Jada won't sell, Cassidy won't sell so they mad as hell
I'm in ATL, Yayo be flossin
loose diamonds got the kid big bossin
We can conversate, over eggs in Deamano's estate
Out of town I break legs for Castellano cake
Feds clock cause my watch is what Jacob make
And Cristal in the bottle help me operate
So who you gonna nominate?
I'm high rate
Through the whole Tri State
Yo my daily rhymes dominate
Its time to splurge and let the icebergs glisten
Now listen, to every word heard in this verbalition
Start something you on milk cartons missing
Disappear in thin air like thoughts of a magician
Now pay attention, my rhymes is hot transmission
Your rhymes is hootrocks that you keep on fixing
Its the technician, that migrate in the system
When I hit heavens gate, I'm going straight for a victim
Even for god's sake I might take his position
The bread I bake, make a steak in the kitchen
Roll with ex-cons in armed Expeditions
Dismantle MCs like time bombs clicking
Tick, tick, tick boom
The Unit hot like the sun in the month of June
Spit fire yo I'm not playing around with 'em man
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