Lyrics to Warning
Warning Video:
Oh, why is the forest luminous tonight?
Asked the little maiden from her older sister Lilyrose
Sit here, I will tell you, hear me good, lil' Lau
You can't even think of going there!
Come, I'll keep you close

For now
You will have to follow your heart,
Seek for the star,
Make your shield grow strong,
Knowing right from wrong

And if
The forest welcomes you in
Knowing your sins
Keep your thoughts pure and white
And look to your side

I can't think of walking you in there!
Every single minute being scared
You will have no choice

Listen to me!
They will try to capture you for good
You will have to sing for them forever
You've got the voice

The trees will trick you:
'Never to think!' Illusion's a hint!
The leaves are glass! Beware!
Glaring bright to ensnare.

'Cause if you sing
Oblivion comes
We will be numb, forever cursed to escape
Never to be brave

Promise, don't go in!

You must try to understand
I sing 'cause I can
I keep those leaves satisfied
I will never hide

It's time
For me to go to that land,
Do what I can
And let my energy flow
And keep going strong

I'm just only me
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