Lyrics to Warm Storm
Warm Storm Video:
I make me noises in the middle of the night on my street. Waking up the whole neighborhood... Getting them up on their feet. And I hear the voices as the days get all shorter. Big clouds clouding over and I need to be a little bit warmer. Don't wait and waste the days away.... Warm storm comes and saves the day And I see my own self in an old and with a dog.... Walking around with a shopping cart all over town in his personalized fog. He had a wife once, a business and a home... Lost it all playing poker with himself, now the poor boy's all alone. Don't wait and waste the nights away.... Warm storm comes and saves the day. I climb me mountains where old legends sleep. Discover secrets that were never meant to keep. They tell me old ways and new times will be one in the same... A little bit later on in thegame. They say a bad cloud is coming. What goes up must come down. Big waves are headed this way and something's still shaky underground. We all know only one thing we keep lost in our head. If we don't get around to it soon it'll be hard when we're long gone and dead. Don't wait and waste the years away.... Warm storm comes and wrecks your lives away... Warm Storm.

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