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Lyrics to Warm In The Winter
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Love is in the air love is in the air
We're warm in the winter
Sunny on the inside
Love is in the air
I'm crazy like a monkey

Happy like a new year
Yeah yeah / Woo hoo!
That's right everybody
This is Glass Candy
Making our way around the world
Searching out a face-to-face with you

One more time
Looking for a heart-to-heart
Whenever you're ready
We want you to know
If ever you should look in the mirror
And wonder who it is that you are

And wonder what it is that you came for
Well I know the answer
You're beautiful
You came from heaven
You came down to this place
To fill out the dark corners

With your everlasting light
And that's why I love you
We love you
C'mon shout Hey shout
Yeah you
I love you
We love you
Songwriters: Padgett, John / Monahan, Lori
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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