Lyrics to War
War Video:
Could I be wrong, or did I just watch you cut your own throat to maintain a sense of control?
Within, where logic sleeps with the pigs
I'm half in your world, so you drag me down with your ship

Lead us into war, leave the real world behind
Give in to scorn
Burn, run and hide

Waging our war has give me something pure to believe in
From my moral high ground I'm up here looking down at the parasites snapping at the air
And i guess I'm still somewhat confused
You put a grenade in your mouth and pulled the pin out in the hope that I'd get hurt by the blast

I offered to drop, even begged you to stop, for your own worthless sake, and I meant what I said
But you had to defile and then hid like a child, let the grownups clean over the mess that you'd made ... Do you feel shame?

I can see the waves rushing from your shores
I can hear the praise running from your door
You sacrificed your name and all that you've worked for
Just to feed your scorn.
Songwriters: David Bendeth, Kellin Quinn Bostwick, Nick Martin
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., RED BULL MEDIA HOUSE NA, INC.
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