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Lyrics to War 4 Reason
War 4 Reason Video:
Yo what's up, this KL. It's about 4:30 in the morning
Date March 9th 1999
We doing this song to inspire anybody out there
having to war for a right cause
So, this song for you

[Chorus:] Now when I war I war for reason
Start the cars like the ?Gods? cause we all are leaving
I'm a survivor with heart so there'll be no treason
Get your final prayers in cause somebody bleeding
Can ya say the same. [x2]

My favorite word is strategic destined to make the disbelieve believe
Our street teaching if I die you know I O-D'd it
Ghetto nigga receive it when I FedEx and release it
Fiend highly needed in the hood to cut they teeth with
I'm F-I-E-N-D shottie
That adrenaline when you waring with somebody
But smarter than the average about as bad as as it is
Who really wants to see what a savage is
Will fuck with my family, money, my piece and mighty my dawgs
In any city my nigga that's proper cause
I'm the judge, jury, bailiff and all laws
Disrespect you'll never live to see how you lost

[Chorus: x2]

I know they scared I'm on some other shit
Bulletproofly prepared with the toughest click
Ain't this a bitch, they done fucked up and let me loose
My enemies sware that I'm tripping like Bishop from Juice bad as ??
Keep a nigga like me high and calm
Weeded cause my condition is nothing from the norm
Off the douja, that was caught up in my blury vision
I was screaming at you "go" but you niggaz didn't listen
What I'm missing is a couple of ??
Living explosive like a bomb with a silent tick
Blessed with a gift to speak to my breed only
Thug, survivors and soldiers its all the same army


[Chorus: x2]

My one child philosophy if I reveal lets rock it who stopping me
Bloody 20's in my hand while cops steady popping me
Logically rotten me getting close to castastrophe
Choose to let that chopper speak before they put rock in me
Silently but violently before they called truce
Anything I'm blasting the pain can reduce
I knew in my head I had someting loose
Mentally in the streets that's all of my troops
Mercenary survivor first soldier always
Combat ready since I walked the school hallways
The Excited Private who you think that I'm writing for
Mental wards, the mind's behind bars what I'm fighting for

[Chorus: x2]

-We ain't out here fighting for nothing nigga
Everytime you open your mothafucking eyes on the street you fighting for something
Fighting to live, fighting to survive
Just know what the fuck you fighting for
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