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Said The Whale

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Lyrics to Wanting Like Veruca
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It's been a long night
And I've tired out my knees down to the bone
and my heart of stone
I should feel lucky but I don't

Sometimes I'm lonely
When I'm stuck here on this throne
As the children groan
They should feel lucky but they don't

Everybody wants
They want they want they want...

In a heartbeat they're gone
Slipped into the night
And its black as coal
We should feel lucky but we don't

Everybody wants
They want they want they want...

It's cold as fuck
Frosted feet
Cut my hand
Raking leaves

The chappedest lips
The driest eyes
Coldest breeze

Shut off the taps
For the deep freeze
Minus one
Hundred degrees

String up the lights
In the backyard
It's Father-Son

The kitchen's warm
Our stomachs speak
My Mother's meals

Our hearts are so cold
But not because we want it all
and not because we need it
It's because we don't know how

It's got me wanting like Veruca
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