Lyrics to Want Out
Want Out Video:
I want to be the one you wanna be with and if I get a chance then I'll show you
I just look at all this time we've spent getting nowhere near it
So much shit's gone down I don't know what to do
Well, honey, I could cry 'til you come over but it's me who needs to comfort you
Sometimes in my way you'll sense I'm sober
I got just enough time to make it through

Make up your mind if you want out
I'll help you climb your own way out
I couldn't find a reason to get out
If I'm left behind you won't be late now

I wanna touch the god that made you baby
I want to walk a thousand miles
Just to be there when the shit gets crazy and serenade you with my smile
I want to "fuck it all" and turn to starlight
I want to scream the world your name
I could live or die and maybe I might
Our love would still be the same

I wanna kill the pain that scares you lover
I wanna throw it all away
I want to thank the earth and bless your mother for bringing you to me
Say have you ever heard an owl from my home?
Have you ever cried across my name?
Can you imagine me shaking on that hilltop and screaming away your pain?

Make up your mind if you want out
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