Lyrics to Wanna Be
Wanna Be Video:
we all love a millionaire
on the radio, with a great video
and all the orchestration
backing up your screaming guitar
how'd you make it this far?

do you gotta be straight on the line?
do you gotta look great all the time?
do you gotta be straight?

we'll even pay you, millionaire
tell us of your abuse, we stand so amused
and what you said about the audience
simple lyrics will do
cause they don't have a clue

do i gotta be straight on the line?
do i gotta look great all the time?
do i gotta be straight?


now love me i'm a millionaire
running out of cliches, but i'm keeping the faith
now, should i repeat the second verse?
or maybe the third?
it's becoming absurd

but i gotta be straight on the line
and i wanna be high all the time
well, i gotta be straight

gottakeepthefaith, gottaplayitstraight
givepeaceachance, sittingonafence
gottatowtheline, sweetchildo'mine
pushcomestoshove, allyouneedislove
Songwriters: Vander Ark, Brian / Vander Ark, Brad / Dunning, A.J. / Brown, Donny
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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