Lyrics to Waltz #3
Waltz #3 Video:
There are moths
Fluttering round by the window
We won't let them in
No we won't

You've got soft skin in the morning
I'll hold you
Yes I will
I will

Then we'll walk down that dirt road
With the thirsty trees gone by
And we'll be wearing our work clothes
Jeans all faded and tired
And we'll come home at night

We can hear trains whistle by on this cool breeze
And candle lit night
Rumbling soft and far away

There's a man
Playing the blues on his battered guitar
By the tables and chairs
We'll take a seat

And we'll breathe in the fresh air
With new eyes and hope in our hearts
And we'll call on the telephone and tell how happy we are
And we'll come home at night
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