Lyrics to Wallflower
Wallflower Video:
I could have died, maybe I should have died.
When I saw you walk inside, and as you shut the door
I put my eye back on the floor.
When all I really wanted was to look some more.
Does a wallflower play,
or does a wallflower stay on his wall?

You see I live alone,
but I've made my happy home.
All my furniture is centered around my phone.
I'm waiting for a call,
my imaginary friends and all.
Those who would never let me be taken by the fall.

Does a wallflower know,
when it's time he outgrow his wall?
Tell me does a wallflower know
when it's about time he outgrow his wall...

Time and time and only time has feeling for me.
Maybe Father Time feels sorry for me.
I knew when there was a time, when I knew it all.
What don't I ever leave my wall?
Why don't I ever leave my wall?
...I don't ever leave my wall.

You know that siren's getting louder,
and these people are starting to crowd in on me.
(All I smell and taste is garlic and gunpowder)
I shot the bad guy dead -- but he got me in the head.
With the girl of my dreams she's mentioning to me how much I bled.

Where does a wallflower go,
when their flowers get pulled from this wall?
Though she says I'm brave and bold,
she knows a flower cannot hold up a wall.
I can't hold up this wall any longer...
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