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Lyrics to Wall To Wall With John Daniels
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WIth broken dreams and new found fears,
let's forget this all.
Tonight is oblivion
and the end of this broken horrorshow,
Tonight I see the places,
that I said I'd never go to.
[You wanted answers, but we've only got words and words mean nothing.]
Let's just get some sleep for ourselves and our restless minds.
Things were never just right
and this is sure to change everything.
The years were hard
and outlooks not always so bright.
Things never work out quite right.
Spiral side out and all our ink is drying up.
This broken home has already been boarded up.
We will never live this down.
We will never live this down.
They're just passer by's don't waste your time, they said.
This is no life and shallow lines keep digging themselves deeper and darker until the end.
In a room full of dubbed commotion with empty words and empty lives.
They're just passer by's, don't pass me by...
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