Lyrics to Walking Through
Walking Through Video:
walking through a life youll find,
its so easy to get hung up, these troubled times.
its so hard to know whats right to do.
just go on walking through...

hold on to what youve been taught.
now youre burned by all the lies that you once bought,
and all the demons they created you once fought.
has it all been for naught?

and by now ive gotten used to the cold,
without a heavy coat to call my own.

and as we walk on through,
past the church and the school,
in blue, or whatever you say
well id like to be wrong,
but there arent any jobs that would suit me anyways.

so walking through a life like mine,
well wear the crucifixications theyve fixated to your mind.
you find no matter what you do,
theyre gonna put that cross on you...

and by now youve got used to the nails...
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