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Kye Kye

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Lyrics to Walking This
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Closest friend, I'm lost in love, (Mat.22:37)(1Jo.4:19)
to know what you've done and why it's solved (2Ptr1:3 & 3:18)(Heb.10:10&14)(2Cor.5:17&21)
this perfect love, I'm dressed in grace (Ro.5:1-2)
to hear your voice in truth displayed (Jon.17:8 & 10:27-28)

Elude myself my heart aligned (1Thes.5:23) (Gal.5:16, 25 & 2:20)
weightless steps, wind through the chimes (Mat.11:29-30)
know who I am, through you I find (Ro.6:5-6)
peace of mind

I'm a river that's meant for flowing
I'm a moon that's meant for lighting the night
I'm the wind that's loud and soaring
I'm a tree that's tall and growing
I'm a fire that lights whatever's in sight
I'm the rain that's fast and pouring.

Tamed tongue, you're the words in my head (Jas.3:3-12)(1ptr.3:10)
you're a soft drum I hear, I can't wait (1kgs.19:12-13)
I'm nourished by the steps that I take
I find it in the way that you gave ... you gave (Jon.4:34)
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