Lyrics to Walking Into Me
Walking Into Me Video:
This is what I say to you
When hopelessly in tune with what I want
I was into that
And you found out so fast

As clear as the next day will come
In spite of all this great hostility
Walking into you
Was the best thing I could do

And what is left is deep regret
Searching for the least weight on my mind
When it revealed unto me
Was the last of you I'd ever see

That's when I felt the undertow
Our whole life is just a memory
Of people we once knew and are gone
And people that stay with you so long

So put it underneath your belt
Tighten up another notch
And separate your business
Keep it how you like it

If you don't you'll be paralyzed
Swept away by one stroke
By what will happen to your life
Cause nothing stays the sam

(Thanks to Alicia for these lyrics)
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