Walking In The Rain Lyrics

Grace Jones

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Lyrics to Walking In The Rain
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Walking down the street-kicking cans Looking at the Billboard-oh so bland Summing up the people-checking out the race Doing what I´m doing-feeling out of place Walking,walking-in the rain Feeling like a woman-looking like a man Sounding like a "no-no"-making what I can Singing in the darkness-shining in the night The coming conclusion-right isn´t right Walking,walking in the rain Come in all you jesters!-Enter all you fools Sit down "no.no" -old girl fools Trip the light fantastic-dance the spiral hips Coming conclusion-gotten off your lips Walking,walking-in the rain Walking,walking-in the rain.

Songwriters: BELL, VINCENT F.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing
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