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Lyrics to Walk With Me
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Take a walk with me (walk with me) put your Timbs on walk with me dawg
Put your issues aside, leave them behind
For the day, for the night
All you gotta do is walk with me

Take a walk with me (walk with me) take your heels off walk with me doll
Put your issues aside, clear your mind
For the day, for the night
All you gotta do is walk with me

[Verse 1:]
Ayo, Doctor ordered me to get some rest
And all the haters be telling me that I'm wasting my breath
But I can't break and I won't quit
This is the only thing that I've ever committ to
So I can't let it go I'm feeling so close
I gotta keep my head cool before I explode
Zone out the foes, focus, breathe
Bros before hoes but he didn't know the code
Almost broke his jaw when I saw dude in school
But that's in the past I'm a leave him there too
No distractions I'm grinding I got no time
Got a crew of hungry fellas right by my side
My glass is looking half-full and I'm still thirsty
If you ain't happy then I'll take yours too
Cause if you think it's half-empty you won't miss much
While I play the pair of two's like it's a royal flush
Come on!


[Verse 2:]
I always fall hard it's never my intention
Birds catch me off guard and steal my attention
I can't trust women, no matter what
(Nope) The deeper the love the deeper the cut
It's a bitter pill to swallow, you can't spit it out
When you wallow in sorrows and can't figure out
Am I dwelling in the past? Am I scared to look ahead?
We all need drama or the story gets boring
I don't think I've met my real love yet but who knows?
We might have passed in town, she might be right under my nose
One thing is sure I'm living to find out
Who that girl is when I get her we'll be on clouds
Make the best of it don't take it for granted
You gotta grab it with your hands nothing's handed
If I'm wrong thinking love is meant to be
Yo when we get to heaven all the drinks on me


[Verse 3:]
Life ain't fair kid, but whatcha gonna do? Quit?
Nah bro, take it BIT BY BIT
I'm a ride til I die or til I get car sick
I'm handing out copies like a paperboy for Times
Oh you like the cover? But what about my rhymes?
Every line you hear today is free of charge this time
But when I get a deal it'll be $12.99
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