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Lyrics to Walk Like A 'G'
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[Featuring Soulja Slim] Chorus (2x): You gotta walk like a "g" Talk like a "g", walk like a "g" I got em lovin my drug dealer strut [Fiend] Somethin about the way I make moves, some think it the shoes And just, uh, mu'fuckas like to blame it on TRU When I do, what I do, and talk that slang Makin the hardest street niggaz askin me can they hang Ain't no thang, but you must wear khakis or ?G-bose? Neck touchin some gold, and fully don't love hoes Blowin smoke out ya nose, keep a box of optimos Hustlin so you can come up on the pearl, proper rose Up in clubs, rock in clothes, big ballas have never seen Keep their mind wanderin and steady servin fiends In my jeans a 9 gat, jack, because of my rep My other pocket full of money, givin me this funny step Chorus 4x [Soulja Slim] I walk, high talk, Gs up and soldiers down I used to bob and weave when I was on that doodoo brown Face down on the ground, when Slim come around Or I be forced to bring more noise than the Beats By The Pound I just got out the pen, so I bounce when I walk And say ya heard me, every time that I talk 4-4 boys I used to balk, but now I got a glock 40 I feel sorry for any nigga that wanna get naughty I love fuckin up parties, watchin bitches like Charlie Ask Magnolia Shorty, that's my people, she could call it My mama told me I still walk the same way Talk the same way, every since I was yay Chorus 4x [Fiend] I ain't got to show it for nobody, you can see that I ball 3 months, fuck the walker, I was struttin 'fore I crawl Before the old school even had the, "Yes, yes, ya'll!" I was spendin my uneven money on my family in the mall Young Fiend, was the guard, I breaks rules with it My ? got grooves with it, cause I packs tools with it I simply acts a fool with it, roll, represent-a Wear minks in the winter, Tank iced in the center My step is the agenda, not only this voice But they its bout my hips, naw they ain't havin my choice Now the moral to the story is that I'm cold with it Made a song about my stroll with it If you was with it, can ya dig it? Chorus 4x

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