Lyrics to Walk & Chew Gum
Walk & Chew Gum Video:
let's talk about the mayor...

sometimes he's just smiling, waving
but inside this is what he's thinking:

"I roam the city once in a while
but how'd I know I'd end up in charge of all these people?
a moment of lucidity once in a while
but these folks think I know everything
I love the city of Townsville and everyone in it
wave and smile and walk on by
they might not tell my life is a lie
between the evil geniuses and sleeping cops
it'll take a Powerpuff Girl to make 'em stop!

thank goodness for the Powerpuffs
bubbles, blossom, and buttercup make it easy for me to do my job
'cause I can't walk and chew gum at the same time,"

miss bellums says he's in his office working
but he's fast asleep on his desk drooling
and dreaming this...
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