Lyrics to Wake
Wake Video:
Sixteen years and you're still on my mind
I know you hear me
I fall awake
And you're so far away
I need you to be near me

Come back for me
Quiet awake
Will you find me here,
Underneath the raging sea
I won't breathe

And I see you
I'm so afraid
But I reach out
You never changed

Pull me in
Don't let me drown
This will not be easy
You'll have to hold me down
Tie me up
Don't let me run
Cos another day without you
Is another lifeless one

Caught in the waves (oh)
In this endless ocean of people
And I will wait for you
Underneath the lights alive
And I won't leave

I see you
I'm so afraid
But I reach out


I'm so cold
I'm so afraid
I reach out
Oh, I reach out
I reach out

Chorus x2

(Thanks to Kim for these lyrics)
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