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Lyrics to Waiting On God
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K, we ain't got one reason for everything, you know I'm saying
This right here, is for all my survivors, all of em you know I'm saying
Grow to the way, you know I'm saying
All our soldiers world wide, you know I'm saying
Midwest, Northwest, East, West whatever, South
To all our thugs, you know I'm saying, all the way to United States
New York, I-I gotta get this off my chest one way or another
Go on, speak to em

Hate made the child and spoke up, would evolve a ton
And assisted the murder rate, when that revolver run
It's hard to run, when you don't know what you running from
Yeah I own a gun, but that don't mean I can't be the one
To catch ya names, five shot cause he or she was shameless
Leaving me and my people, arm's brainless
Painless as it seem for me, if I was to go now
Tell me who gon fiend for me, dream of me
Speak be having a team for me, survivor nigga
And tell him what it mean to me, my er'thang
I wanna end, what the devil bring
And make it to hear, the angels up in heaven sing, until then

[Hook x2]
I'm just sitting here, waiting on God
So I could ask him, is life suppose to be this hard
Cause the true fears, I know he care for me
Just wanna know, if there's a place up there for me

At the sun let the moon take over, and every winter get colder
From a struggling tell you, soldier gon speak soldier
But I can't kill the beef, between that side and that coast
And I can't say what's so white, just like black folk
The road is thin, so is hope for black men
Your own even Benzo, glocks I pack twelve's
Acquainted, since I roamed the allies painted
Looking at the hustlers, on the wall they all became famous
Ghetto love, but died as a often it's been thugs
Sold to a under cuff, saw the cuffs and bust
I did the game off em, they brainwashed em
Wasn't 18, now removing the red stains off em

[Hook x2]

At 13 y'all know they right from wrong's, that's why I write these songs
For em, to let the ghetto choose to know that Fiend gon speak for em
I can't ignore em, if my eyes were sowed shut
And my ears were overstuffed with words like, boy I don't give a..
I'm not the recipe, just recognizing when he blessing me
And know my gun won't solve, everytime he testing me
Until the death of me, I continue on his legacy
Got a bad temper, but won't let it get the best of me
Stressing me, I know we wasn't put here to sell rocks
Be caught up in the system, locked in cell blocks
I think the world shell shocked, these streets is Vietnam
And the dopest thing I did was, put it in this rhyme

[Hook x4]

I mean, they got me sitting here waiting on God..
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