Lyrics to Waiting On A Dream
Waiting On A Dream Video:
Coming in from Colorado
Takin' a late night trip out of the snow
I need to see your face tomorrow
Just an hour or two before you go

Hangin' around for days and nights
I come around to see your point of view
I can see through all the glitter and marbles
That's the reason now I'm coming home to you

I'm leaving town, so you better take hold
I'm stepping out from the river of old
Everybody's hustling for a place on the screen
But I'll hang around and I'll share your dream, that's right

Say time always runs like a river
Tell me then kindly how come I ain't got no time?
Risks and illusions tell me to hold on
Hey brother can you spare a dime?

I'm hangin' around wherever you go
I'm headed down to the river of old
I'm tryin' to step out of this scene
I'd like to step into your dream

I know exactly what you mean
I know the secrets you dream

Every street I walk alone
Every girl up on a throne
Every blood hand full of gold
Is tryin' to reach down into your soul

I know the secrets that you need

Hangin' around with saints and sinners
Losers, winners, I try to pay no mind
I can see through all that shakes and quivers
Every loveless soul is strung out on a line

There's a girl alight in the sky tonight
With ten thousand soldiers staring at feet of clay
Secrets to be told will keep for the night
And we will soon be on our way

I'm leaving town, so take a good hold
Carrying it back to the rivers of old
It's a blood red curse that'll set you free
Standing in the snow waiting on a dream

I know the secrets that you need
You know exactly what I mean
I know the secrets that you dream
You're upside down and painted green
I know the secrets that you need
You took the...
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