Lyrics to Waiting
Waiting Video:
Nothing?s here but time to speak or listen to And she layed down there on her little fortune-stone Wanna hide from my eyes a look like 82 She?s numb as dead I can hear she?s crying but I can?t help at all She won?t find a reason, why she had to cry for all of us My lonesome, thank you, keep this memory off And you?re free as dead Chorus: she?s been waiting, dark unlightened For a dangling lights are changing, sun along it?s track Maybe that?s all, when could I try again One life was born, beside there is a friend And owns his days back, she is all that?s left on me she knows I?m dead never trying to wait means to be fed up of all fucking circus inside, ?n there won?t be a show suffering in a box, not to be able to push finally starting to panic, not to be able to? why did I never ever, ? wait for me scream sun along its track

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