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Lyrics to Waiting For The End
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There are people who don't know
What the world as to offer
They just live their lives
Without realizing that it's their only one
LIke a boat on the sea waiting for a storm
Like a child on the street waiting for his mom
Or like a loveless teen waiting for a gun
Tere won't be another chance to live
Yesterday, o you have to try once
To live it, in your own way
Waiting for the end
You don't have the right
To waste yourtime ehre
Cause you never know when you can leave
And it could be sooner than you think
They're so many people
Who would still like to be here
But are gone
For eternity
Waiting for us
Preparing the place
I'm looking forward
For those who knew such people
Please don't forget that we're not here for long
So it's up to you to make it count
In their memories do something please...
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