Waiting For The 8:05 Lyrics

Weak Lazy Liar

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Lyrics to Waiting For The 8:05
Waiting For The 8:05 Video:
You think you know me but you don't
Nobody ever really knows anyone
You are worse than most
So tangled up in dreams
Maybe you'll always be alone
Sitting on the garden wall
Waiting for the 8:05 to come
& All you ask is everything
Your desire makes such noise
It's an endless, empty, clamoring

Here I am
Right where I've always been
All this time you think you've wasted
Won't be wasted in the end
Here I am
With you, waiting for that train

I am the wind that breathes so softly through the leaves
One autumn evening holds the sadness of all things
And the world-if the world is looking at you-
Would see how all alone
It is possible to live
I am the soul there all the time

But you treat me like I'm
A stranger wandering the park
Forgettable in an overcoat
Sitting on a garden wall
Wasting my time
I'm not wasting time
believe me I'm
not wasting time
I'm with you
Waiting for that train
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