Waiting For My Call To Glory Lyrics

Roy Acuff

The King Of Country Music 1936-1947

Lyrics to Waiting For My Call To Glory
Waiting For My Call To Glory Video:
My days on earth are numbered I can see the journey,s end
Gonna ride that train to glory When it comes around the bend
I,m leaving all my worries and forget about my cares
Gonna wear them golden slippers when i climb the golden stairs

Waiting for my call to glory
Where i,ll know the good and true
There i,ll learn my neighbor
Like he wanted me to do

I,ve wandered rather aimless through the wilderness of time
But i see that glory mountain that we mortals have to climb
I,ll walk with Heaven,s Angels in a land that knows no sin
When that glory gateswings open for his son to enter in

(repeat chorus)

I,ll find my joy and laughter that the goodbook say,s i,ll find
When i reach the great hereafter on the road to peace of mind
I,ll hear the harps a playing for the Angels in the sky
And i,ll say hello to Heaven when I bid this wold goodbye

(repeat chorus)
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